So much has changed in the past month, the only constant right now is the saucepan in the sky from when my daddy first pointed it out to me to right now. I love my parents and I miss my dog. I don’t drink as much these days.


I called the mechanic and the tow truck dude and the bank by myself and my dad didn’t do any of it


My most reliable photo subject.

everything is going to be okay in the end


My most reliable photo subject.

everything is going to be okay in the end


im 23 years old and I’m finally moving out on saturday. I’m very excited but it has brought home the realisation that I’ve been very very sheltered and privileged my whole life my parents are still married, I never knew of any money problems and ive never gone hungry

and like I know the next year is not going to be like this especially on my salary atm but like I’m glad??? Like I feel like I should suffer a little bit like my friends with single parents and falling down houses did while we were growing up

and also I guess I don’t know how to rectify the fact that I haven’t suffered as much as I should/could have as in how do you give back to other people when your skills are like zero

all I’m doing rn is working for a massive corporation and wondering where the fuck my life is going. I always tell myself “you’ll be on track after you do this this and this” but this this and this comes and goes and I only ever feel more lost

I’m very stuck

for the very specific insomniac

for the very specific insomniac


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it’s like Australia and the US are having a competition called “whose government and law enforcement can be the shittiest”


nostalgia has to be the most painful feeling in the entire world

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