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Me. The DOG.

About: Kirrilly, 22, Outer east Melbourne suburbs.

Photos and films and writing and dogs and stuff


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i’m watching castaway btw

I think about me at nine years old and wonder what she would think of my responsibility dodging and daily existential crises and buying a reasonably priced television with the leftovers of two week’s pay courtesy of Woolworths LTD



detective benson is like my actual superhero I love her that much, whenever I feel down and start to dwell on shitty things that happened end of last year I just go back and watch her be a fucking badass lady taking no shit and destroying the baddies while still being human and having similar things in her past that happened to me, makes me feel like I can do anything and tbh bums me out that she’s not actually a real person

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dog pls

dog pls

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"Could I? Should I?"


I am 15 and this hurts

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